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Venus Trick

Venus Method #1 - Submitted by "Kaduos"
After about 6 hours of time spent raising money and buying Venus suits, wasting 2 of them, I finally ended up getting one on Christie. I used a template of what someone said I should do and it finally worked on the 2nd try.

This is what I did:

Day one, play as Lisa and team with Tina. Buy as many love and like items for the girl you want the suit for and give her at least two a day (preferably a like and love item) until she starts opening the gifts in front of you. On the 11th day, give her a like item first and then a love item, making sure she is opening them. End the day. On day 12 give her a love item, the suit she wants and then another love item. If you can't give her love item before you go back to the hotel, such as she only was around in the Afternoon and you had to give the suit to her in the evening, give her a love item from the hotel room and then leave the island. You don't want the next day to come around.

Now, play as the girl you gave the suit to and team with Lisa. Buy love items if you can, otherwise give send her a like item from the hotel room (again, send a love item if you could find one) and do this all the way till the end of the game. On day 13, she gave me the Venus suit as a gift.

I spent so many hours trying to do this, its sickening, and I'm glad I finally got it this time. I don't know if you have to give the person you want the suit on love items all the time. I imagine you just need to make the notes on her head go fast (there is a slow and a fast for the notes). Make sure the notes are going fast when you give her the Venus suit (mine were going slow and it still worked, but better to be safe than sorry) and also make sure before you give her the suit that she has been opening the gifts when you gave them to her. She will hate the suit no matter what, so when you give it to her, you need to soften her up with another love item and then leave before she has a chance to throw it away. Hopefully by day 13 next game, Lisa will have given you the suit.

Also, I forgot to add. I didn't play Volleyball against any team that had the character I was trying to give items to. When the girl I was trying to give items to every day wasn't around, I just played against a team and won some money.

When you end the game and successfully gave the suit to the girl you wanted to give it to without her throwing it away, make sure you play A LOT of Volleyball games and win them, making sure Lisa is as happy as she can be (the notes should always be moving fast, but slow moving notes are ok as well). This helps in two ways: It keeps her happy and more likely to give you items, plus raises money to buy items for her. For the entire game, Lisa should be happy with your playing ability, as well as been receiving a love/like item every day.

Venus Method #2:
Try giving it on the 12th. you cant give anything to anyone of the the other girls until this day and give your favorite a lot off "love itens". she will throw away venus on the 12th, but you have to play to the end off the vacation . star another vacation with your favorite girl and give lots off love gifts to lisa she will give you the venus. 70% chance